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Logan Center
for the Arts
915 E 60th Street

A path for composition alumni Yuan-Chen Li

Yuan-Chen Li, Ph.D. in Music, '16

The construction of Logan Center was completed in the middle of my music composition Ph.D. years at UChicago. Its growth was an important part of my academic life and creative experience. I was featured in the 2012 video — alone in the Performance Hall which was still under furnished. Since then, I had so much fun at Logan: performing my site-specific work, music compositions, and presenting my dissertation in the Performance Hall, stage managing for numerous shows with Erin the first gen of the Hall student staff, and witnessing the program development throughout years under Bill. After 10 years, this Spring, I have just premiered my first opera with nearly 100 artists and staff in my native Taiwan. The accumulation of work experience could not simply be a coincidence; I am grateful of the path that has been so meaningful to me because of UChicago’s very own Logan Center.