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Logan Center
for the Arts
915 E 60th Street

Isabella Lee remembers her last show before the Pandemic at Logan

Isabella Lee, Class of 2020 (pictures by Natalia Rodriguez & Angela Fung)

Every year, early in winter quarter, UChicago Maya holds an entirely student choreographed, student run show at Logan. It’s one of the highlights of each season – the first time our new members get to experience what it really means to continue dancing in college, a time to get to know everyone better while rehearsing and studying during tech week, and an avenue for us to really push the limits of our creativity and professionalism as a company. The pictures attached are from my last ever show at Logan in 2020, right before the pandemic pushed us into lockdown. I have so many good memories of running around Logan that year to make the show happen, from doing our studio shoot and laying the Marley, to working on lights and sound and standing in the wings to watch our dancers shine. Before there was a more established dance program at the college, Logan provided us access to dance/studio spaces, a wood shop for props, and a place to put our art form out there, to be seen alongside the already thriving theater program. I’m so happy to see how the administration continues to foster community and grow partnerships with internal and external dance organizations, and I’m hopeful that this continues. If you’re a Maya member reading this, big shout out to you!