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Logan Center
for the Arts
915 E 60th Street

Hubbard Street Pro Performance


In early March of 2020, Hubbard Street Pro (HS Pro) collaborated with the Logan Center and the Dance Program in Theater and Performance Studies (TAPS) to present moving installations a stairway and a corridor, a site-specific performance that stretched from the ninth floor to the courtyard. As indicated by the title, the performance largely took place throughout the northern stairwell and the second-floor corridor, as well as the Logan courtyard. Led through the performance in groups of ten, audience members followed the piece’s winding imagery, standing feet away from dancers as they utilized the steps, windows, levels, and railings of the stairwell as elements of the performance. The piece culminated on the second floor, where audience members overlooked dancers in the courtyard accompanied by live electronic music. Utilizing elements from architecture to wearable art to music, the experience constructed a complete sensory world within the Logan Center.